A Proper Reintroduction

Once was, will now be again. I have been away for far too long, and oh how I have missed it.

Returning Submissive



Another game, kitten? Pick a safe word, whatever you want sweetheart; don’t forget it, because I won’t. Be as loud as you want this time - in fact, I encourage it. Moan, go ahead; gasp, whimper, whine, growl, cry. You can beg - but I won’t listen; unless you’re asking me to go harder. This game? The rules are simple - you lay there and enjoy. Cum for me, writhe for me, scream for me. This is all about you, you’re going to appreciate every orgasm I give you - you’re going to thank me. And I’m going to keep giving them to you until you’re begging for a break. You won’t get one. By the end of this, you’ll be overwhelmed by pleasure, so sensitive it hurts. 
You’re going to cum, until you can’t cum anymore - and I still won’t stop. Your legs are going to ache tomorrow, your body sore and muscles tense. You’re going to feel me in the morning, and all day. If you say the safe word before I’ve decided the game is done, you’re not going to get another orgasm for a month. Hopefully you enjoy the ones I’ve let you have. If you manage to to last the night? Well, kitten, you’ll get to feel me fill you up. You’ll get a nice, warm, bath, I’ll clean you properly, put my girl to bed - and you’ll get to wake up to my face between your legs. Hows that sound, girl? Wanna play?


Which one of us would tire first, I wonder…

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Wanna do it, Daddy?


Im curious to how many doms and subs are here on tumblr


so would you kindly reblog this if you’re sub or dom, a kitten or master, a princess or a sir :) how many of you are out there? 

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Dominance and submission is first and foremost an emotional and psychological state of being. Capture her heart, possess her mind, and her body is sure to follow.
~ For The Love of a Submissive

There should be no doubts or questions in your mind. Understood?


Cane - we meet again.



Oh how the past follows you, pleasantly.

I most recently have picked up on habits I have in my every day life that I developed, and owe to my past dom. I smile everytime I do these things and I think to myself, he would be happy that I still do things he felt were necessary for me to live a healthy life.

So again, it is time for one of my recolletions.

Once our relationship really started to play out, his expectations for me began to be spelled out. I learned very quickly, and happily, how I was to act and take care of myself, so he would be happy. And I have never wanted to please someone as much as I did him. I suppose that is how it goes for your first dom.

I had to maintain a healthy physic not for him, he made it clear that he was attracted to me for who I was, but to be healthy for me, in the long run. I smoked back then, just cigs, an he made me stop. I was to tell him every time that I wanted a cig, and he would deal with me in the best way he felt fit.

I honored that, even if it meant that I would be disciplined to a point that closed in on my boundries. It helped me. I don’t smoke anymore, and I don’t have cravings either. I thank him for making me realize that I was better than that, and didn’t need it.

He also had me work out frequently with him. 3 times a week minimum. Boxing, Kendo, and other various martial arts. I loved it, it taught me respect for my master in the class, and for my master in the bedroom. I loved how fit I was, but also that I was able to develop self defense, which i have used multiple times since in the city that I currently reside. I am not afraid, but I now my place because of it.

The last thing that currently was brought to my attention was my nails. I had to have clean, cut nails, so that my weakness on nights where I was allowed to feel him would not leave marks. Because lets face it, after not touching him, but only allowing him to do what he pleases, makes me crave the feeling of his skin on my hands to the point where I would hold on with all I had to cheris the opportunity when it arose.

So he had me cut them and maintain them. They were almost my favorite feature about myself at that point. And now in my current days, I realize that i still maintain my nails to his standards, it even has been something that soothes my anxieties. I fix my nails.

For those still in those relationships, cheris everything your sub, or dom does, because it molds you and makes you a better, understanding person. You begin to respect yourself more, even if all you want is to respect your SO and make them happy, you learn so much about yourself and that is fantastic.

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